Frequently asked questions

Here are a few very common questions that our clients often ask us. Kindly check the below questions, probably you many find the answer to your question there. If not, click here and feel free send in your query to us.


1Which type of lift is suitable to install in individual homes?
Although there are many types of lift available in the market but Hydraulic lifts are the best suited for individual homes.
2I have an existing house and wish to install compact lift for my parents, is there any reliable product in the market?
Yes, we have specially designed retrofit home elevators, which can be easily installed in existing homes with minimum civil work. Talk to our expert team for more details.
3I’m designing a new villa, what are the lift options available for me?
We have premium Hydraulic lifts that are suitable for under construction villas and bungalows etc. We customize our lifts according to your requirements. There are more than 48 configurations available to select from. Talk to our sales team to find out which model is the best fit for your requirement.
4I’m looking for an elevator which should gel with my interior décor, do you have anything to offer?
Yes, we have a range of premium home elevators that are made for people with a different taste of lifestyle. Our premium range comes with optional high-end decorative material which can be aligned with your interior décor theme. We have more than 250 options for lift cabins and doors to choose from; like colored, metal finish, wooden finish and more. There are ample of options to make your elevator look like part of your house.
5My aged parents feel claustrophobic in the lift, do you have any solution?
Yes, we have home elevators with glass doors and glass cabins. Glass gives a feeling of openness and comfort to the users who feel claustrophobic in closed environments.
6Does these home lifts use lot of power?
No. Due to hydraulic technology, our lifts require power only for ascending movement; therefore you save a lot of power consumption. Our lifts are also available in single-phase power supply, which will consume power like any other household appliances.
7What is the space required to install home elevator?
We have a solution for almost every home – spacious, big, compact or small. Our lifts can be installed in places where conventional lifts cannot due to space constraints. We already have more than 48 configurations, in case you have some special requirements, our in-house design team can provide you the most feasible solution in line with your space and other needs.
8Are these lifts safe to use in home?
Certainly Yes! We at GEM Elevators, we do not compromise on quality and give utmost priority to passenger safety. Our lifts are designed as per EU safety norms (EN 81:41). We have collaboration with renowned Italian brands that are tested and certified for utmost safety. We export our product to more than 15 countries. Our lifts are CE certified and all imported components are TUV certified.
9How GEM home lifts are different than other conventional lifts?
Home Lift is a different segment compared to conventional/commercial lifts. Although a lot of people think all lifts are the same and there is no difference, which is not true. Home lifts are specially designed to suit an individual’s lifestyle. These lifts do not need a big pit or machine room like conventional lifts. As far as our lifts are concerned, we offer fully customized lifts that can be installed even in places with technical limitations.
10Why one should buy expensive hydraulic lifts when other cheap options are available in the market?
When it comes to lifts the most important thing is passenger safety. Definitely there can be some cheap options available but we believe that one should not go for those options at the cost of living. Most of these cheap products are manufactured by compromising on safety and quality of the components.