Patni Bungalow

  • Project : Patni Bungalow

  • Location : Lonavala, Maharashtra
  • Model of Lift : Pearl Series
  • Project Description : This client is very famous figure from healthcare sector. They purchased this readily built bungalow near Mumbai for week-end outings. It has beautiful view of valley from the terrace. Original bungalow did not have elevator. During renovation they planned to fix compact elevator so that senior members can easily access the entire property. This bungalow has different levels with low heights. Bungalow has a slanting roof, hence there was very less headroom available to install an elevator. Opening of this elevator is opposite to each other at different levels. We suggested them our Pearl Series – Hydraulic Home Elevator with reduced pit and headroom option. Client selected very moderate finishes to match with interior of this bungalow. Client is very happy with finishing, smooth ride quality and overall appearance of this unit.