Sapphire Series

Best Home Lifts Sapphire Series – Lift Models

Sapphire is a gemstone of wisdom and royalness. It reflects wisdom, good fortune and sincerity. It is considered as gem of the gems. It stands very high in terms of durability.

Gem Elevator understands comfort of its elite class clients.

We have designed our Sapphire series for royal class clients, who want elegance of pre-fabricated high class shaft structure with durability and advanced electric gearless technology. Sapphire series is a quintessential luxury, offering ultimate ride quality and decorous finishes. Suitable to be installed in low pit and headroom areas this ensures to meet every user’s needs.


Technical Details

  • Designed as per EU 2006/42/EC Machine Directive
  • Pre fabricated anodised aluminium shaft structure
  • Comes with Electric Gearless machine and counter weight
  • Minimum Pit 300 mm
  • Minimum Headroom 3200 mm
  • Travel 10 meters
  • Speed 0.5m/s
  • Capacity 408 Kgs
  • Single Phase / Three Phase power supply
  • Available with Manual Swing / Automatic Doors


  • Ultra premium product to enhance beauty of your mansion or historical buildings
  • Versatile and customized designs suitable for the most challenging site conditions
  • Supplied with exceptionally light weight yet robust anodized shaft structure
  • Available with automatic doors in various finishes for easy accessibility
  • shaft structure which neither contorts nor requires painting etc,


  • Designed for modern homes with most advanced technology without compromising on aesthetics
  • Maintenance free anodized aluminum shaft structure suitable for external installations
  • Time saving installation process with plug and play system
  • Equipped with parachute safety breaks for utmost safety
  • Unique fault detection system for quick diagnosis during breakdown